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Greatest of the Greats
Losers Bracket: Round 3
Josh Stewart vs Subway

Greatest of the Greats
Losers Bracket: Round 3
Vertigo vs The Phantom

Shawn Michaels & Lone Jobber vs Ace & Steel Toe Joe

Amber vs Alexis Laree

William McConnell vs Dante Daevain

Finn Balor vs Tyler Breeze vs William Steele
June 9th, 2017: Friday Night Frenzy
June 23rd, 2017: Friday Night Frenzy
July 7th, 2017: High Stakes
July 21st, 2017: Friday Night Frenzy
August 4th, 2017: Friday Night Frenzy
August 18th, 2017: Beach Brawl
September 1st, 2017: Friday Night Frenzy
September 15th, 2017: Friday Night Frenzy
September 29th, 2017: Sabotage
October 13th, 2017: Friday Night Frenzy
October 27th, 2017: Halloween Hellraiser
November 10th, 2017: Friday Night Frenzy
*Events Will Take Place Every Other Friday
*There will be a 48 hour window to voice your opinion on who should win each match up
*If you decide to partake in the voting process, your choices can't be, “I pick Wrestler A because they rped better”. If you are going to partake, you need to be descriptive in your reasoning behind why you thought the person won a particular match. Not looking for a novel, but a lengthy paragraph will do. If you are in a stable, you will not be allowed to vote in a match featuring one of your stable mates, we are keeping things fair & square.
*The Goal will be to have results out the following Tuesday or Wednesday, schedule pending. Having the results in that fashion, will then give people at least 9 days to roleplay.
*This is all about competition. We are looking to drive each other to be better roleplayers time in and time out. If you are looking to just slide by and not bring it, then you will be left behind. Only the strongest survive in true competition.

A comprehensive look at every single event in the history of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance.
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Alexis Laree

Big Daddy Ace

Colt Cabana

Dante Daevain

Demon Child

Finn Balor

Gregory Davidson

Jay Mack

Josh Stewart

Lilith Evans

Lone Jobber

Mya Denton

Sara J. McMahon

Shawn Michaels


Steel Toe Joe


The Phantom

The Rock

Triple H

Troy Joseph

Tyler Breeze


William McConnell

A comprehensive look at the championship legacy of every single championship in the history of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance.
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